My Creed: Demystifying Truth
Insight. Illumination. Inspiration

My Assignment

Without an assignment purpose is absent.

It is said that Truth makes for freedom. I beg to differ. I say it is the KNOWLEDGE of the Truth that makes free. IGNORANCE of the truth will keep you in bondage even though freedom is available. There is no mountain in a man’s life save the mountain of ignorance. 

My assignment is to eradicate the ignorance of truth.

My Goal

Without clear goals progress is inhibited.

It is proclaimed that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Again, I beg to contradict this postulation to say it is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE THAT IS REAL POWER. Knowledge without application is at best potential power. It is when the knowledge of truth is applied that your potential is realized.

My goal is to show you how to apply truth.

My Desire

Life without desire is a car without fuel.

Some have made Truth so mystic that it seems IRRELEVANT to daily life. They say Truth is for the philosopher, preacher or poet: not for the everyday man. This I refute vehemently. Truth is for all and in fact there is no relevant life without it.

My desire is to make truth accessible and relevant to all.

My Passion

Give me a man with passion over a hundred with none.

Truth is too often shrouded in mystery and put just ‘out of reach’. I contest that belief system. Truth is SELF-EVIDENT and prevails in all. Truth is not hidden behind a veil but as wisdom cries in the highways and byways saying, here I am.

My passion is to unveil the truth.

My Creed

A man without a creed does not have a compass.

My creed is simple. I am here to DEMYSTIFY TRUTH by eradicating ignorance, showing how to apply it, making it accessible and relevant, unveiling it in every possible arena till the freedom truth promises is our collective experience.

This is my pledge. This is my creed.

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