Intelligent Prayer Albums
Insight. Illumination. Inspiration

We ask and receive not because we ask amiss (unintelligently) - James 4:2,3. To get answers to our prayer we need to learn to pray intelligently. Choosing 5 key topics, Dr. Temi Odejide leads us in powerful intelligent prayer sessions with worship music backing. This innovative product is an empowering asset for your prayer life.

The Lord’s Prayer

The classic Lord’s prayer is actually the Lord teaching his disciples how to pray. There is so much revelatory truth in this template of prayer. It is more than a prayer to be recited. It is a pattern of prayer that Dr. Temi leads us through in the intelligent prayer session.

Divine Direction

Life without direction is immensely frustrating. And there is no more needed direction than divine direction. In this powerful prayer session, Dr. Temi leads us in intelligent prayer points for divine direction. If you want to know what next steps to take in your life this album is for you.

Gate Prayers

There are gates to every next phase and new level in life. But there are keys to those gates. It is time for the gates to your next dimensions to be opening. Join Dr. Temi Odejide as he leads us in an intelligent prayer session for the opening of gates.


Wisdom is the principal thing and profitable to direct. There is a wisdom from below and a wisdom from above. It is time to engage the wisdom from above. In his unique teaching style Dr. Temi both teaches us on wisdom and leads us in prayers for wisdom from above.

Midnight Prayers

There is no transition in life without going through midnight hours. Many this happen in the vital transition of the midnight hour. Rather than sleep through the midnight hour and wait to see what would happen in the morning, rather arise and pray intelligently for a new day in our midnight hours.

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