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Rest In The Storm

In this insightful teaching Dr. Temi teaches exactly how to rest in a storm.

Five Loaves and Two Fish

1hr 5mins

In this classic story of the multiplication of five loaves and two fish, Dr. Temi show us God cycle of multiplication.

Help Out My Unbelief

51 minutes

That helpless father cried “I believe only help my unbelief”. This is often the struggle of every believer. In this teaching Dr. Temi puts the spotlight on what is really hindering our believing.

Fight For The Faith

54 minutes

Faith is under fire today like never before. Now is the time when we must rise and fight for the faith.

You’ve Already Got The Victory

44 minutes

We already have the victory in Christ but to often we live ignorant of this and therefore are in defeat. Dr. Temi teaches here how to walk in the victory that has already been obtained for us.

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